My fees

Short consultation:

Do you want to find out if your central character is believable? Does your dialogue ring true?

I can offer a short report on the first three chapters – approximately 50 pages £30 per hour – approximately 2 hours.

My report will recommend ways to improve your novel.


On-going consultation:

You might prefer to have the opportunity to send your work in instalments and, with this approach,

I can mentor you during the whole process.

Rate: £5 per 1,000 words – minimum of 10,000 words.



Another option might be for you to have your whole manuscript critiqued.

For this option I can offer a detailed report on whether the characters are strong enough to hold readers’ attention,

whether the plot is credible and my report will also focus on whether I believe the novel

is ready for submission to agents together with suggestions for improvement.


Rate: £300 for the first 80,000 words and £5 per 1,000 words thereafter.


I do appreciate that a one-to-one consultation is often preferable and if you live near Bristol, there are plenty of venues where a good cup of coffee can be found.